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Serena (2013-06-13 3:57:04 am)
P.S. Wait a sec...I just re-read your post about the survey... You've taken *your* downloader offline?! Damn. I misread and thought you were referring to the other bandcamp downloader that went offline recently. I guess I thought bandcamp was asking you to take a survey in order to re-evaluate their position on sites like yourse, if they learned the reasons we want to download 128k files from their site, does *not* hurt the artists and prevent them from getting paid. Why would they bother to take a survey *now*, if they've already decided to ask you to shut down? This sucks. Now there's no way for me to hear new music on bandcamp. I hope the guy who runs bandcamp is reading this and realizes his decision is actually preventing artists from getting paid! At least, by me, since I can't stream, and if I can't download from sites like yours anymore, to preview the music, I'm not gonna buy it blind. Who knows how many albums I *would've* bought otherwise. But like I said, I purchased a lot in the past, thanks to bandcamp downloaders. This really REALLY sucks. I wish someone else would start another downloader site. For goodness sake, it's not like these downloaders are allowing people to download the high quality files or anything! Now *that* I could understand being a concern in terms of losing artists' sales. I think it's ridiculous that they're going after sites like yours to protect their 128k mp3s, which most people - unlike me - can copy out of their browser cache if they want to anyway!
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