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Serena (2013-06-13 3:39:41 am)
I use bandcamp downloaders because I can't stream music from! I've tried on a few different browsers. I can stream soundcloud, youtube, etc. But not bandcamp...ever since they redesigned their website awhile back. I can't find any help in their FAQ either. So I'm pretty pissed that they made the other bandcamp downloader site shut down. Without being able to stream and check out new artists in genres of interest to me, I don't get to discover new music. And believe me, I always buy the files in higher quality (or a CD if the artist is selling one), because I'm *not* satisfied with 128k mp3s and I *do* want to support my favorite artists. I've bought tons of things on bandcamp in the past, and donated to artists giving music away 'cause I'd feel guilty if I didn't thank them. I don't know if you want to add my reason to your survey...I don't know how many other people out there find the new bandcamp redesign incompatible/problematic. But that's my reason for downloading instead of streaming. I *can't* stream from their site anymore. I really hope your site doesn't go down. I must admit I don't use your site as much as I did the other, because it's not as handy having to download one file at a time and rename them. I don't mean to be ungrateful for your site though! I just never have enough time for everything I need/want to do in a day, y'know? So it was more convenient being able to download a zipped & tagged album in one handy link. Any chance you might be able to add that feature? :)
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