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Bandcamp Downloader has been taken offline. The Bandcamp founder made a polite request (as opposed to a demand), and those tend to work on me. Please take a moment to answer the 2 question survey below which could provide some valuable information about this service's former users.
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This is a downloader for Bandcamp (with beta SoundCloud support). Enter the link to a Bandcamp(/SoundCloud) page below and we will make a new page with downloadable links for you. That simple.

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KiaraPyrenei (2012-03-05 1:49:30 pm) « permalink
Wow, this worked perfectly, thanks! I'd been searching everywhere for way to get a song off bandcamp, this was the answer to my problem. :D
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bill z (2012-07-08 12:13:41 am) « permalink
You might try paying the banf for their work
thenexusprophet (2012-10-25 7:01:30 pm) « permalink
The future is free. Payment for work is the act of listening. Enjoyment.

They are paid more than they could have hoped.
djpineapplz (2012-11-13 10:47:26 pm) « permalink
As a musician, I just wanna say that's absolute BS, but it's a nice thought.
Brony (2012-12-03 8:43:01 pm) « permalink
i agree, i too am an artist, and i would like people to, if they like my music, support me and help me get better and stuff like that.
Nick C (2012-12-03 11:34:37 pm) « permalink
Have a look at the 'About' link on the page.

In short, I agree as well. What reasonable person wouldn't? I've heard arguments that some people would rather pay for live shows than purchased music. long as your are supporting, in my opinion. That said, I've purchased (mostly physical, some digital) about 20 albums in the last 18 months. Not as much as I used to buy, but I'm pretty comfortable with it.

The question is, at what point does one decide he likes your music? For me, it isn't usually after just one listen. Or two. I like to listen over a month or so a number of times and enjoy growing to like a song/album/artist. At that point, I seek shows or buying albums or paid downloads, etc.
Free coding (2012-12-20 10:40:30 pm) « permalink
Tomorrow I am going to a car dealer. They give free test drives. I am going to keep the car. Do you think this stealing. I liked ford on Facebook. That should be a fair trade. After all if they did not want me to keep the car why would they offer a test drive?
Matthew Marcinowski (2013-03-23 10:30:17 am) « permalink
Yes, because a new car is equivalent to a shit-quality 128kbps mp3. You could have at least come up with a better analogy like stealing a CD from your local record store or something.

I spend thousands of dollars a year on PHYSICAL music and merch and shows AND I run a record label. I'm tired of getting lambasted for 'stealing' shitty mp3's so I can sample them on my iPod in my car or when I go for a walk or whatever. If your music moves me then (and only then) will I pay for it. The days when you had to shell out scrill for music you had no way of hearing first is over and we're all better for it.
Nick C (2013-03-23 11:05:05 am) « permalink
David (2013-04-07 11:30:24 pm) « permalink
A car is material wealth. You gain a large sum of value in just owning the metal that it is made of (aside from the fact that it is a high speed transportation machine, highly utilized in most societies today).

A music album is intuitive wealth. A substantially less amount of it than a car, at that. This comparison is ridiculously out of proportion.

In purchasing a digital or physical copy of media, you obtain permission to retrieve a copy of the media. At best you have ownership over the plastic used to make the disc and the jewel case, but on the internet, you typically own the permission to keep your very own sequence of data just like the one they have. The artists lose exactly no wealth in freely giving it to you. You may as well have not ever existed to them.
bill z (2012-12-20 10:57:37 pm) « permalink
Try walking into a show without a ticket. Oh wait the bouncer will kick your ass. The band will not care.
Tyler Barker (2013-01-23 11:41:32 pm) « permalink
All of the best underground concerts and venues I've ever been to have been free. Soon people will realise just how useless a system revolving around money and consumerism really is. The future is free, altruism and democracy are way better than greed and power. All of my music is free, people shouldn't have to pay money so I can convey ideas to them, that's like me charging you to read this post.
Sam (2013-01-30 1:52:25 am) « permalink
Your 'New Soviet Man' has never existed nor WILL it ever exist. Voluntary trade, respect of proper property and contract rights, and unmitigated transactions between people, is the only realistic way of achieving peace on Earth. Money is just a medium of exchange, and is unfairly blamed for Man's own envy.

I'm only downloading this way because my Debit card isn't acceptable to Bandcamp.
DC (2013-05-09 12:32:37 pm) « permalink
That's just nonsense. Pay for music with money, then listen to it. Don't just steal it.

Bandcamp is one of the last hopes for small bands to make money, and this just trashes that. I really hope this site gets taken down soon, and that people that 'enjoy' music for free grow a conscience and start helping the musicians they're 'supporting' by paying with actual money.

Do you think the instruments, the rehearsal space, the travel to rehearsals and gigs... all the many costs for a musician... are free? No. So why should their music be?
Nick C (2013-05-10 10:53:30 am) « permalink
I'm guessing that a lot of the people who use this site (probably not the person you replied to) do so in order to sample music. We just don't sample music sitting at our computer. I listen almost exclusively in my car and don't have a phone data plan to visit in my car. I don't have any other way of hearing your music to know if I like it. Buying music before you have heard of it is pretty risky. Especially if you have never heard the band at all...hence bandcamp allowing you to stream music for free.

Obviously, some people could be using this as a substitute for buying. Those people, I do not defend. As with software piracy, I tend to think that many people who get it for free are not really potential legitimate customers. Sure, it is not fair that they do it, but would they purchase it if they couldn't get it for free -- I think not. Thus, I don't think, for those people, a free download does not equate to a lost sale.

Of course, my logic is not backed by adequate research and many reasonable people could disagree. I'd like to see some good research on the subject, but it is so hard to perform and quantify. I'm going to add a survey on this site soon (as I will be taking it off-line) and am curious as to what the results will be. I hope many participate.
Moose (2013-08-13 12:50:02 pm) « permalink
Any musician who makes money gets the bulk of their income from gigs, album sales account for so little it might as well not even be there.

Music should be free for everyone, we don't charge people to talk to each other either, do we? Why charge when it's instruments doing the talking, then?
Helices Owl (2012-03-10 12:15:48 pm) « permalink
Works perfectly, highly recommended. Thank-you so much for making this, you're a saint!
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Jamie (2012-04-30 3:59:20 pm) « permalink
Genius! Thank you!
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Matt (2012-05-15 1:58:55 am) « permalink
Great! Please add 320 kbps support sometime
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Nick C (2012-05-15 8:33:16 am) « permalink
Thanks for the comment!

I will not be able to add 320kbps support unless Bandcamp changes their streaming audio broadcast quality. The downloader simply 'captures' the standard listening stream, which is sent out at 128kbps, as a file and names it based on the source webpage artist/album/track information. Take care!
Quinton (2012-07-16 5:32:48 pm) « permalink
Hey if you want free hosting I'll be happy to do so! Keep the fun going!
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Nick C (2012-07-19 12:39:38 pm) « permalink
Thanks, Quinton! I just have one hosting account for all my projects and clients...nothing I've made has enough traffic to necessitate dispersion at this point. I appreciate it, though!
chris (2012-08-27 3:53:46 pm) « permalink
doesn't work !!!!!
Invalid Page -- Valid Bandcamp or SoundCloud source not found.
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Nick C (2012-08-27 4:20:38 pm) « permalink
Thanks for letting me know. I'll have a look.

Fixed it. My server's IP got blocked. Thanks!
Nick C (2012-08-28 11:53:44 pm) « permalink
^^ Respond to this!
chris (2012-09-14 10:28:26 am) « permalink
blocked again !!!!!
John (2012-09-14 10:31:05 pm) « permalink
seems to be blocked
kick4u (2012-09-18 6:28:13 pm) « permalink
not working!!!
Nick C (2012-09-20 1:00:33 pm) « permalink
No!!! Just seeing this since email was not configured for my replacement server. I'm out of servers!

Since the actual downloads still seem to work (since they are requested from the IP of the downloader, presumably?), I'll try and find a way to route my page request through a proxy or something.
Nick C (2012-09-22 1:42:29 am) « permalink
That took for EVER to fix! I had to find a proxy site that let me pass the URL in plain text and didn't strip out javascript. Plus, I didn't know if it'd work even if I was doing it right...but it did, and all is good in the world.

Happy downloading!
John (2012-09-23 3:58:58 am) « permalink
Just tried a release. All I got was 308 bytes. No music.
Nick C (2012-09-24 8:46:35 am) « permalink

Downloads did not work from demo page. I'll try migrating back to original server, but bandcamp may have thwarted me, this time.
Nick C (2012-09-27 10:22:16 pm) « permalink
As 'News' indicates, we had a combination problem this time -- another blocked IP (of my Dev server) and a change in how BandCamp identifies their stream in the source code. I had to modify my parsing script and pass a page through a proxy...but we seem to be back up and running on proper servers, now.

Happy downloading, everyone!
chris (2012-09-29 12:18:07 pm) « permalink
works fine now !!!!!!!
John (2012-09-30 1:05:34 am) « permalink
Yep. Working perfectly. Thanks.
Paul13 D33 (2012-10-13 6:05:22 am) « permalink
Cheers for this man, your a god dam genius man
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bill z (2012-10-25 7:54:06 pm) « permalink
Stop ripping off the bands
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Nick C (2012-10-25 10:09:53 pm) « permalink

Thanks for your feedback. I, actually, JUST added an about link to the website which may, at least, explain my vision of this site.

As I indicate there, let me know if you are an artist/label rep and want any specific tracks/bands blacklisted and I'll code it up.

In general, though, listening to music is how I decide I want to buy music, so I sleep pretty soundly at night hoping that I do as much good as bad. The minute I don't feel that way, I'll bring the site down.
DC (2013-05-09 12:27:25 pm) « permalink
Isn't this just a way of enabling people to avoid paying for music?

Your about page doesn't really convince me that this is anything other than sidestepping supporting artists and allowing people to get music for free. I really hope you can see that what you're doing is totally unjustifiable.
Nick C (2013-05-09 1:42:26 pm) « permalink
Thanks for your opinion! I wasn't especially shooting to convince you. Just putting my thoughts on the topic out there to clarify the intent of this site.

I listen to music (i've downloaded) to decide if I want to buy it and don't see what I do as much different than streaming from the bandcamp page, honestly. I buy lots of music after listening to it (from downloads) and deciding I like it and want to continue listening to it regularly. If I don't, I delete it.
MK (2012-11-09 4:44:06 pm) « permalink
Doesn't work:(
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Nick C (2012-11-09 6:16:19 pm) « permalink
The proxy I had implemented had gone down. Thanks for the head-up. Everything should be working, again!
wkc (2012-12-18 2:31:43 am) « permalink
Error messages anytime I try. Message: Invalid Page -- Valid Bandcamp or SoundCloud source not found.
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2012-12-18 8:39:54 am) « permalink
Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it is just a proxy issue. I'll check into it on lunch or tonight.
Nick C (2012-12-19 3:24:30 am) « permalink
All the proxies I can find have disabled hotlinking -- which is essential to bcdlr working. I tried about 20 sites tonight. I'll try more later.
Emma (2012-12-20 6:01:06 am) « permalink
The album Monstercat 011 - The Revolution can't be downloaded. I tried it with the whole album but also with single tracks, but no chance! Here is the address:
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2012-12-20 7:10:26 am) « permalink
Thanks for the feedback! Please see the notice at the top of the page.

I'll try to keep looking into it to find a proxy that allows hotlinking.
Enzo (2012-12-23 11:42:30 am) « permalink
hey guys, does not work anymore :( what a shame
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Nick C (2012-12-23 10:40:41 pm) « permalink
Please see the notice above. Sorry for the trouble. I'll try t o fix this when I can.
jojomomo (2013-01-02 9:22:21 am) « permalink
omg when will this work
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Enzo (2013-01-08 10:28:26 am) « permalink
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Nick C (2013-01-08 12:35:16 pm) « permalink
Is this a threat? Hey, man...I do this for free and don't make anything off it.

Sorry it is down but unless I can get access to a proxy that allows hot-linking, I can't fix it. I'm not paying for pro-access to a proxy to get that feature, and will sleep just fine tonight.

Thanks for the feedback, regardless! If I'm reading too much into this (lost in translation), sorry you can't dl and it is still on my list to work on when I have some time.
Enzo (2013-01-09 5:01:48 am) « permalink


Nick C (2013-01-09 8:04:08 am) « permalink
The 'threat' question was mostly joking, but I think I did misinterpret the tone of your message. Thanks for clearing it up and the encouragement!

I will continue to work on this when I can.
chris (2013-01-15 2:33:33 pm) « permalink
we love your site and wait to come back !!!!
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Jon (2013-01-18 11:31:49 am) « permalink
In light of the Aaron Swartz tragedy, you might want to reconsider this project. It might be construed as unauthorized access of the Bandcamp servers. See this article for more:
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Nick C (2013-01-18 12:20:51 pm) « permalink
Thanks for the info. I don't have to sign a ToS agreement with bandcamp for access/downloads, so I'm alright with not being entirely informed about their preferences. Honestly, I'd fight the law on this one, I think, if it came after me.

Or, at least wait for cease and desist instruction. Regardless, it doesn't work point?
Scott (2013-01-20 11:01:07 am) « permalink
Just a quick question, I normally use offliberty to rip my music from bandcamp/soundcloud but it literally takes forever to get the whole album ripped off going song-by-song. If you were to get this site working would you be able to rip the whole album off at once? I mean I know it wouldn't magically make all the songs appear in a .zip folder for me to download but how exactly does this thing work?
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Nick C (2013-01-20 6:46:01 pm) « permalink
Try this site. For whole album downloads, it is generally better, as it actually tags the tracks and all. The downside is that it takes a little longer since it actually downloads the tracks, tags them properly, and turns them into a .zip (like you want?) while you wait.

It used to be a little less reliable than mine is, but it still works, and mine doesn'

The advantage of this site over offliberty (when it works) is that this one names tracks properly. A successful bandcamp request would list the tracks on that page as available downloads by wrapping the source audio in a download stream wrapper, basically. Since renaming is somewhat less necessary than offliberty, and the songs come from bandcamp (not me -- i don't have my server download the audio), it is pretty fast.
Scott (2013-01-23 8:28:04 am) « permalink
Wow, thank you so much that's exactly what I was looking for. Best of luck getting your site up and running, I can't wait to try it out.
Katie (2013-02-11 12:45:26 pm) « permalink
I think Bandcamp have blocked you again. It keeps saying 'link is invalid' for each band I try. I managed fine 2 days ago, but the same album I used last time isn't working now either.
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-02-13 8:20:38 am) « permalink
Luckily, the problem was more minor than that. I have employed my developmental server as the proxy server (that allows hotlinking) and it had shut down due to a power blink.

Should be back in the stated working condition -- alt dl works, regular (with naming) dl doesn't.
Nev (2013-04-07 4:00:31 pm) « permalink
Hi..Think Bandcamp have blocked you because I keep getting 'Invalid Page -- Valid Bandcamp or SoundCloud source not found'.Tried it on a few different albums, but it keeps saying the same thing. Was Ok yesterday.
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-04-07 10:04:31 pm) « permalink
Luckily, it looks like my dev server (serving as my proxy) was just powered off (easy fix).

Thanks for letting me know. It should be up and running, now.
BFTP (2013-04-21 12:01:56 am) « permalink
It started giving me this:
"Invalid Page -- Valid Bandcamp or SoundCloud source not found."

Bandcamp block you?
^^ Respond to this!
BFTP (2013-04-21 12:03:46 am) « permalink
Looks like there's been previous comments about this error message so I'm actually guessing your dev server is off over bandcamp blocking you.
Nick C (2013-04-21 10:25:19 pm) « permalink
my dev machine (local hosted // relies on working ISP connection) was offline, but should have only been down for a few hours or so.

sorry for the trouble!
Nev (2013-04-24 3:43:30 pm) « permalink
Just tried a new release. All I got was 8.59 kb's. No music.
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-04-24 4:32:21 pm) « permalink
What link did you use?
Nev (2013-04-24 6:16:26 pm) « permalink
I have tried both the primary and alt dl links. Just had another go and still no music.
Nick C (2013-04-24 10:59:45 pm) « permalink
Thanks for pointing this out. I thought this may be an issue with the band you were trying to download from (for no good reason) but should be able to look into this tonight and will update here.
Nick C (2013-04-25 1:31:01 am) « permalink
Bandcamp added some syntax which confused my parsing code. All is well, again!
Oleg (2013-04-26 4:27:20 am) « permalink
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-04-26 8:29:03 am) « permalink

my ISP, again. the situation keeps rectifying its-self but i need to call up and find out why it is happening so frequently or throw a book and yell or something.
Alex (2013-04-26 7:09:06 pm) « permalink
If it's not too much trouble, I have a small feature request: to include the track number in the filename.

This allows for software like mp3tag to parse the filename and basically fully tag the files.

Nonetheless, this seems to work very well, thank you!
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-04-27 3:43:04 pm) « permalink
That would be convenient. I will look into it. If that information is stored on the page, I should be able to parse it out.
Nick C (2013-04-28 12:21:32 am) « permalink
I implemented this. Now, if I can identify an album (which I already used for download naming), I also use a two digit track number for download naming. Hope this helps!

If you love the album, support the artist.
Luccas (2013-04-27 10:48:23 am) « permalink
is no more possible to download from bandcamp from the jdownloader?
there any way to download the entire album?
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Nick C (2013-04-27 10:56:21 am) « permalink
I'm not sure what jdownloader is. I don't offer full album downloads...but I link to at the bottom of the download page. It offers full album downloads. Good luck!
Nick C (2013-04-27 3:41:34 pm) « permalink
oh...the site i reference IS the downloader you are talking about. sadly, still, no. one-click album downloads are not available through this site.

thanks for letting me know. i'll remove the link from the download page.
Hellfukk666 (2013-04-28 3:20:06 pm) « permalink
I'll be using this Bandcamp Downloader since the other one closed down. Don't give in to any pressure.
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Oleg (2013-04-30 1:33:35 am) « permalink
Thanks that your site and for that that it is still active.
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swaggy2trill (2013-05-02 7:05:15 pm) « permalink
not working?? it says link cant be found.
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andy (2013-05-02 8:56:35 pm) « permalink
This site is usually amazing but all day today it hasnt worked at all :/
Nick C (2013-05-02 11:26:26 pm) « permalink
Luckily, it was an easy fix. Thanks for letting me know!
andy (2013-05-03 1:12:12 am) « permalink
thank you soooo much for fixing it. this site truly is incredible. THANK YOU!!
MrBrain (2013-05-03 6:44:23 am) « permalink
Invalid Page -- Valid Bandcamp or SoundCloud source not found.
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-05-03 9:27:47 am) « permalink
Looks like my dev server is having issues (or my ISP has me off-line again).

I won't be able to work on this until I get home. Check back later today.
Oleg (2013-05-06 3:18:51 am) « permalink
^^ Respond to this!
Nick Chapman (2013-05-06 8:20:00 am) « permalink
Thanks. Still working out my ISP issues. Generally, site comes back up after a try back, I guess.
dany (2013-05-07 9:47:58 pm) « permalink
thank YOU !!!! i am musician for free music for listen no for fans
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Alexander (2013-05-08 4:05:05 pm) « permalink
i use this too just because I have no means of paying online just yet. My car has this rating system, while listening to a song, i can give it a 1-5 star rating. My iPod will get this info and store it, when I come home, The ones with 5 stars I put on a list and support.
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- (2013-05-10 10:25:42 pm) « permalink
Thanks for this.
To those who feel this is just for people who want to steal music, I have used it a number of times and it was to save me having to rip vinyls (yes, that I have bought from the artists/labels) to my computer. It saves a lot of time.
^^ Respond to this!
Bü (2013-05-16 8:31:13 am) « permalink
Why did you use this site?
Easier than ripping Vinyl and to listen it in my car or on my mp3-player.
Easier than looking for the songs in the source code and naming them myself.

Thanks for your great work and props to the bandcamp owner for being not a I-will-sue-the-shit-out-of-you dickhead
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-05-18 9:47:04 am) « permalink
Thanks for the feedback!

I was guessing that downloads instead of ripping would be the usage for only a small percentage of users. Maybe for vinyl listeners, it makes sense (I think vinyl is ~ 96 kbps?), for any other media, I feel like 128kbps downloads are a step down in quality. For portable players, I guess, it makes sense.

Anyway, if I get a few more similar comments, I may revise the survey. Take care!
Kirpix (2013-05-19 5:55:36 pm) « permalink
Thanks for the service, and it was really great while it lasted. My best wishes to you, and all of the other bummed out visitors. :D
^^ Respond to this!
Zardoz (2013-05-20 8:20:06 am) « permalink
"If I've missed any good (potentially widely chosen) answers for the questions above, send me a comment."

Anyone using AdBlock Plus can open the list of blockable items, play the preview, look for object subrequests, and download the mp3. It's what I was doing before I found this site, and it's what I'm back to doing now. Not as convenient, but it still works.
^^ Respond to this!
wilcow (2013-05-21 6:55:28 pm) « permalink
Nick, it does'nt work for me :(
^^ Respond to this!
Jamie (2013-05-29 5:25:51 pm) « permalink
I've got a different reason for using this site, or wanting to. Sometimes there are albums on Bandcamp that don't have a buy or download option. For the life of me I can't find any way to download this album:
^^ Respond to this!
Nick C (2013-05-29 11:09:22 pm) « permalink
Valid reason. I doubt it'd be used enough to add as an option, though.

Try the contact link on the page:
For all other inquiries, click here.

By the way...I think I have to listen to a band called Luke Nukem. Thanks for the share!
Serena (2013-06-13 3:39:41 am) « permalink
I use bandcamp downloaders because I can't stream music from! I've tried on a few different browsers. I can stream soundcloud, youtube, etc. But not bandcamp...ever since they redesigned their website awhile back. I can't find any help in their FAQ either. So I'm pretty pissed that they made the other bandcamp downloader site shut down. Without being able to stream and check out new artists in genres of interest to me, I don't get to discover new music. And believe me, I always buy the files in higher quality (or a CD if the artist is selling one), because I'm *not* satisfied with 128k mp3s and I *do* want to support my favorite artists. I've bought tons of things on bandcamp in the past, and donated to artists giving music away 'cause I'd feel guilty if I didn't thank them. I don't know if you want to add my reason to your survey...I don't know how many other people out there find the new bandcamp redesign incompatible/problematic. But that's my reason for downloading instead of streaming. I *can't* stream from their site anymore. I really hope your site doesn't go down. I must admit I don't use your site as much as I did the other, because it's not as handy having to download one file at a time and rename them. I don't mean to be ungrateful for your site though! I just never have enough time for everything I need/want to do in a day, y'know? So it was more convenient being able to download a zipped & tagged album in one handy link. Any chance you might be able to add that feature? :)
^^ Respond to this!
Serena (2013-06-13 3:57:04 am) « permalink
P.S. Wait a sec...I just re-read your post about the survey... You've taken *your* downloader offline?! Damn. I misread and thought you were referring to the other bandcamp downloader that went offline recently. I guess I thought bandcamp was asking you to take a survey in order to re-evaluate their position on sites like yourse, if they learned the reasons we want to download 128k files from their site, does *not* hurt the artists and prevent them from getting paid. Why would they bother to take a survey *now*, if they've already decided to ask you to shut down? This sucks. Now there's no way for me to hear new music on bandcamp. I hope the guy who runs bandcamp is reading this and realizes his decision is actually preventing artists from getting paid! At least, by me, since I can't stream, and if I can't download from sites like yours anymore, to preview the music, I'm not gonna buy it blind. Who knows how many albums I *would've* bought otherwise. But like I said, I purchased a lot in the past, thanks to bandcamp downloaders. This really REALLY sucks. I wish someone else would start another downloader site. For goodness sake, it's not like these downloaders are allowing people to download the high quality files or anything! Now *that* I could understand being a concern in terms of losing artists' sales. I think it's ridiculous that they're going after sites like yours to protect their 128k mp3s, which most people - unlike me - can copy out of their browser cache if they want to anyway!
Dexter (2013-06-25 11:41:39 pm) « permalink
Hello, why the submit button don't work?
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Nick C (2013-06-25 11:46:09 pm) « permalink
scroll to top of page. read. ;-p
Guy (2013-07-08 3:49:01 am) « permalink
I intended to use your website since I am very eager to download an album which is not yet available for download.
I intend to attend a concert of this band tomorrow and I wanted to prepare myself. I will buy the CD in the concert.
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Nick C (2013-07-08 8:21:44 am) « permalink
sounds reasonable.

email me. thenickchapman [tentatively located at] gmail.[usual extension]
jesusthekiller (2013-07-18 9:46:53 am) « permalink
We need it back D:
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T-jo (2013-07-22 4:08:02 am) « permalink
You need to take it down properly. Disabling the submit button is inadequate, you can still download songs with a little fiddling with the DOM.
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Nick C (2013-07-23 1:32:26 am) « permalink
Thanks for the comment!

I can only imagine that anyone who knows how to fiddle with the DOM (or, knows what the DOM is) would also be able to view source and parse out the link to download if they really wanted to. I'm sure I can scrounge around and find some statistics to back me up...then we can argue over the definition of 'inadequate' all day, but i'll rest my case with the knowledge that downloads decreased substantially following the current method.

On a positive note, maybe someone will learn what the DOM is after reading this thread! Education wins!
Nick C (2013-07-24 9:05:55 am) « permalink
Even worse...the page was available to anyone who could use the almighty enter key (default form action, I think)...regardless, I've disabled that method, now, and direct linking, which was still allowed.

Thanks for your input! If you feel like testing the security to see if you can bypass it now, I'd appreciate any additional feedback.

Sorry, everyone who was still downloading.
Zookeeper (2013-08-02 5:40:55 am) « permalink
does not work???
damn! it was the only normal resource!
speedy return, fam!
from Russia with love! peace!
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Anton81 (2013-08-19 12:13:48 am) « permalink
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alber (2013-09-05 9:07:17 pm) « permalink
I live in Lima Peru and i can't find this music in my country, bandcamp its the only way to listen good new music please dont close it!
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MM (2013-09-16 7:37:11 pm) « permalink
I love bandcamp. Sometimes i don't have any buck in my paypal account, so i download this for free using non-traditional methods. Support your favorite artists, don't be an asshole.
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Bandcamp (2013-11-20 3:23:07 pm) « permalink
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Nick C (2013-11-20 9:38:44 pm) « permalink
Looks like offliberty -- allows single track, unnamed downloads. Certainly better than no downloads, but a pale imitation of what this site was. ;-p

I'd imagine there are better options for the discerning downloader.
EKKA (2013-12-19 3:41:14 pm) « permalink
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Nick C (2013-12-19 10:34:48 pm) « permalink
Ambiguous exclamation!!!
sdasd (2014-04-13 9:35:32 pm) « permalink
yeah ,i will love it!
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Alex (2014-05-25 8:23:22 am) « permalink
So apparently this site is down, but works!
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Toni (2014-07-12 8:11:39 am) « permalink
What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nick C (2014-07-12 10:14:51 am) « permalink
I know. I'm sure there are other sites that do similar things if one were to, say, google some key words. I recently heard from a guy who was talking about actually adding id3 tags and allowing zip folder downloads.
nick c (2015-03-25 11:17:30 pm) « permalink
is this on, even? i heard comments had stopped working...(likely due to my ending php extended support?)
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Nick V (2015-03-26 7:04:35 am) « permalink
No idea what changed, but it seems to work now.
Nick V (2015-03-26 7:03:10 am) « permalink
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Nick V (2015-03-26 7:04:05 am) « permalink
nick c (2015-03-26 12:14:04 pm) « permalink
i'm testing with an apostrophe.
Nick C (2015-03-26 12:14:34 pm) « permalink
yay! it's fixed!
Jatt (2015-04-22 6:30:34 pm) « permalink
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AXA (2016-05-26 3:26:29 am) « permalink
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Franklin (2018-08-20 7:17:40 am) « permalink
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^^ Respond to this! (2018-08-20 7:18:41 am) « permalink
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